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Originally appearing on my 6th self released CD, Cure for the Common Ex-Girlfriend, this song was about a girl who was instrumental to many of my songs’ stories.

Kitten was an early nickname for her, as she was small and I’ve always loved cats. We then went on to rescue 4 cats together before we broke up. All 4 remain here with me.


She’s like a little kitten

She’s got me sitting around thinking about quitting school just to be with her

So I can hear her purr

Spending my nights inside her bed,

Thinking about how it could have been if I would have met her before I met

Thinking to myself I got to keep on impressing her, cause you know I’m sweating her.

I’ve been ready for love, then you hit the lights.


Picking it up a little just to let you know how fast my heart is beating when you got me on the dance floor with you swinging and sliding we moving side to side and baby don’t you hide from kissing me all night.

Oh oh oh, I need something cold to drink because you’re getting too hot for me, are you hot for me too?



I’ve been writing this song for you all night, and I’m so ready for love, then you hit the lights.