No two crowds are the same. The song selections that work at one venue or on one night, might not work the next time. It’s important to be able to read the crowd on the spot and have the depth in your song list to call an audible.

Here’s an idea segmented down to what you might see me perform at the different types of locations I play. Of course, this is always up for discussion based on the venue’s preference and how the crowd is for that particular show.


These shows tend to feature a lot of 90s alternative, songs form the 00s, 10s and the 80s. Song that the crowd at the bar will recognize but didn’t hear the last guy or gal play. Acts might be things like INXS, Gorillaz, Blackstreet, Depeche Mode, Dave Matthews Band, and Prince.

Avg. Show Length: 3-4 hours


These shows tend to skew a bit more towards classic rock, singer/songwriters, some jazz crooners and mixing in other songs based on the crowd makeup. Acts typically include Beatles, David Gray, Bill Withers, Dean Martin, Peter Gabriel and Stray Cats.

Avg. Show Length: 2-3 hours

Patio / Beachside

These shows tend to feature upbeat, funky, reggae inspired acts like Sublime, Jack Johnson, G. Love and Special Sauce, UB40.

Avg. Show Length: 3-4 hours

College Bar

Here’s where I would feature more recent songs and stuff that transcends generations. MGMT, Arctic Monkeys, The National, Alex Clare, Ed Sheeran, Kaleo, Keane, Sublime, Radiohead, George Michael.

Avg. Show Length: 2-3 hours

Music Club

These are the shows where I’m part of a lineup and featuring more of my own originals. I’ll still sneak a cover or two in to try and celebrate one of my favorite acts or influences.

Avg. Show Length: 45 – 90 min.


This can be a hybrid of a few of these different venues and really depends on what the festival is looking for and what the crowd is like on the day.

Avg. Show Length: varies

For a regularly updated list of some of the cover songs that I do, visit this page:

Available Sound System

I’m able to provide an entire beginning to end PA system including all the speakers, stands, cables, monitor and mixer for any show. This includes (2) 15″ Peavey PR 15 Speakers, Yamaha EMX 512sc, Yamaha wedge monitor, Sennheiser 835 vocal mic, Shure SM-57 mic, Boss RC-300 Looping Pedal, Alesis SR-18 Drum Machine, my guitars and pedals.

However, when there is house sound available and preferred, I can be easily accommodated with 1 vocal in and a direct box.