Peter Gabriel, in addition to being one of my biggest influences and heroes, was just named a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee for this year. While he is already in the Hall of Fame as a member of Genesis, this honor pays tribute to his solo work, which is my favorite. When I tell some people who are younger than me that one of my influences is Peter Gabriel, they sometimes draw a blank and say, “I don’t know Peter Gabriel”

Well you might be wrong about that. I think you do know some Peter Gabriel and hopefully this will prove it.

Starting off with the song from “Say Anything” with John Cusack, In Your Eyes. Personally, I love this song, but I do prefer live versions, like on the Secret World CD.  I do cover this song at some of my shows.

The radio show that I listen to says this next song is overused in movie trailers, but Solsbury Hill is a brilliant song that making use of a unique time signature gives a pulsing energy that is an embodiment of coming back to life. This is another song that I cover at some shows.

The most played video of all time as of 2011 (and probably still today) on MTV is the award winning video for Sledgehammer. Another popular song by Peter Gabriel that I do cover at some of my shows.

You might be getting the French words wrong in Games Without Frontiers but it is still a great song that you may have heard before.

Steam might be another familiar song to you. My favorite version is, again, the live version from Secret World, but here is the very innovative music video.

Another one of my favorite songs because of the chord changes in the pre-chorus, Big Time was also on Gabriel’s legendary album So.

“This time you’ve gone too far!” Digging in the Dirt

Red Rain is the favorite Peter Gabriel song of my friend and lead singer of Hey Monea! Dan Monea. I got to see Gabriel perform this song and many of the others on this list when I went to see him in Auburn Hills, Michigan earlier this year.

Now I have shown you why I think you already know Peter Gabriel. Stay tuned for a blog coming including some deeper tracks that you might not know, but I love and you might too!

For more information on Peter Gabriel, you can visit his official website at

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