I love the Lakewood Public Library in Lakewood, Oh. It is a wonderful collection of books in a very warm and friendly building. In addition to the book sections, there is a great audio visual section, which boasts a catalog as big as the largest Best Buys. In the audio visual section, there is a special section for audio books which I have been visiting for years. It is here that my love for the Great Courses was kindled. I have been able to learn about ancient Egypt, economics, partial physics, theology and more with the aid of these and other audio books.

For this visit I took out the following 5 books on my quest for knowledge, truth and enlightenment.

This is what I will start with.

Sounds like a good idea from a personal and professional perspective.


Richard Dawkins May seem controversial to many Americans but he is one of the world’s most brilliant minds.

Not exactly a Dawkins-Like selection. But I am not exactly Dawkins-Like.

Very interested in Chakras and Meditation. Hopefully this will be reflected in my future behavior.

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