Scrolling through whichever social media news feed, waiting for the thing to set you off. That could be described as me in a day and age where people feel so open to talk about complex geo-political issues with their research about said issue being a photoshopped meme from a clearly ideologically matching source.

These posts flow over me like the river rushes over deeply lodged stones. I feel their current, but I don’t leave my place.

And then my eyes wander down, and what do I see? Coldplay are playing at the Super Bowl halftime show. Yes!! How awesome, but wait, how terrible. Because ever since the Paul Rudd and Seth Rogen mid-video game debate in the 40 Year Old Virgin, the line “You know how I know you’re gay? Cause you like Coldplay?” has been a verbal quip, a Facebook comment, and an unintentionally sentiment building line that subconsciously drives the weak minded and potentially mildly homophobic away from a band who has done nothing but put out quality music.
I present my evidence:

Exhibit 1. Clocks

Exhibit 2. Fix You

Exhibit 3. Lost + Jay Z

Exhibit 4. Violet Hill

Exhibit 5. Trouble

Exhibit 6. Paradise

Exhibit 7. Talk

Exhibit 8. The Scientist

Exhibit 9. Everything’s Not Lost (Live 2003)

Exhibit 10. If You Stand Up, They’ll Buy You All Ice Cream

and finally lets give the new video an embed. It is fun, the music, the visuals.