Tonight we’re going to take a deeper look at the official music video for my song “Chain Reaction”. Right off the bat, the text intro screen. As you can see, we were still heavily invested in Myspace as our social networking to get the music out there. Also, it names Dru Boogie, who produced the song and the video.

In the first scene the actress is named Julianna White (the brunette). The scenes where she was present were shot in a theatre off 43rd and Broadway in New York. The scenes where I am wearing sunglasses, were shot in a house out by the Poconos.

At the time of the shoot, the most important thing to me was to look less stiff and stuffy than I was in the video for “Hypnotized”. I wanted to convey more personality. I also wanted to wear clothes that I would actually wear. In the video for “Hypnotized”, I was dressed in clothes that didn’t fit, caked in makeup and stone cold sober. We did not make that same mistake for “Chain Reaction”. Before shooting, we acquired a small flask bottle of Hennessy and a full bottle of merlot. There may have been some Hennessy consumed before the first shots. There was definitely some merlot consumed before the shots in our homemade set built in a basement of a house in the Poconos.

We tried produce a couple of shots in the video like a Busta Rhymes video by slowing down and speeding up the song. That probably could have gone better. What we ended up with was a over-exaggerated goofiness in my dance moves and large sunglasses.

The song “Chain Reaction” was mostly written at my ex-girlfriend’s late grandmother’s house. She was doing something on the computer and I was trying to make something middle eastern sounding, this led to the guitar lick heard in the intro of the song (which is longer in live versions).

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