Bring Love My Way

From Find Your Own Way Out (EP 2020)

Nicotine Nicky
Susie Sweet
Generous Jenny
I’d like to meet
Just one girl
To fall in love again

Captivating Katie
Baby Beth
Dancing Dayna
Take my breath, take my breath, take my breath away

Well you know I wanna meet you
Well you know that when I treat you
You’re gonna feel like I complete you

Bring love my way
Bring love my way

Sensual Samantha
Gina gem
All of you Erica, oui Je t’aime, oui Je t’aime, oui Je t’aime

Emily, Crystal,
Priscilla and Julie,
don’t you want to see how a touch could rule me?
I just want to be drowning in a crush.

Well you know I want to kiss you
Dance with you and be your rescue
All my sins I will confess to

Bring love my way