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We’re going to get this song recorded soon for you all. Hope you like it, expect a lot more songs to come every week.


Back in 2003, on my 3rd album “Wounded Eyes”, I released a song called “Song”. Here it is performed live in my studio in 2015 as a part of my revisited series, where I am performing all of the songs from my first 6 albums.

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I had arrived in LA to a wide smiling pool having hotel. 

Close to a Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles 

I had some Tacos in Atwater Village

And ended up playing at a house party in Glendale when the guy who booked my first show was canned earlier that morning. 

Sawyer Auger played too. He was great. 

Then went to play my show in Santa Monica at TRIP

With some cool folks. 

Had a nice sunset dinner on Newport shores

And some great Brazilian food in Culver City

Visited Hollywood 

And had some great Mexican food. 


Stopped back in CLE to see the kittens

Then went to Chicago for some deep dish and to play a show 


With the Solo Society 

  At the Elbo Room

  We had sandwiches at Luckys in Wrigleyville 

  And saw a great reggae band

And had Umami Burgers    

And hot pots in Chinatown


Then it was time for Lucky City and I to hit the road. 

We lit up Geneva on the Lake

We played on a great lineup 

And found a great music shop

Played for a great crowd

Then it was off to Jamestown NY to play at Mojos 

And I was glad to get home for some rest 

– Sean Benjamin