First off, lets see how many of the songs from my dream set list showed up in the actual set list:

Actual set list: Set list courtesy of SetList.FM here

Set 1:
5 A.M.√
Rattle That Lock√
Faces of Stone
Wish You Were Here (Pink Floyd song)√
What Do You Want From Me (Pink Floyd song)
A Boat Lies Waiting√
The Blue
Money (Pink Floyd song)√
Us and Them (Pink Floyd song)√
In Any Tongue√
High Hopes (Pink Floyd song)

Set 2:
Astronomy Domine (Pink Floyd song)
Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Parts I-V) (Pink Floyd song)
Fat Old Sun (Pink Floyd song)
Coming Back to Life (Pink Floyd song)√
On an Island√
(followed by band introductions)
The Girl in the Yellow Dress
Sorrow (Pink Floyd song)
Run Like Hell (Pink Floyd song)

Time (Pink Floyd song)
Breathe (Reprise) (Pink Floyd song)√
Comfortably Numb (Pink Floyd song)√

IMG_8751David Gilmour in Chicago 4.8.16IMG_8829IMG_8801IMG_8796IMG_8789David Gilmour in Chicago 4.8.16IMG_8814IMG_880710 or 11 is hardly anything to complain about, especially since, as I said in the Dream Set List video, I knew that there were certain of my favorites that just were not part of the bands practice regiment going into this tour.

So, getting to the show. The crowd was fantastic, very friendly, all of us were there to see a hero, legend, a favorite artist and that commonality was something we could all feel. The venue was nice, I ended up getting to wait in 4 merch table lines because I got a shirt, walked away and then thought, yeah I should get that other shirt too, which I did 3 tables later. At that moment, it was starting and time to take our seats. I was seated next to a couple who both seemed to be very excited as I was for the event, and on the other side of me, someone who was singing along, and I would have only asked that they weren’t so loud (though I mouthed all the words)

The only song which I didn’t know every lyric was The Blue from On An Island. I was somewhat surprised at that inclusion over something like This Heaven, Take a Breathe or Smile from that album, or There’s No Way Out of Here or No Way from a previous solo album.

The animation for In Any Tongue, a song that made both my dream set list and the actual set list was probably the most moving piece of the night for me as it told a story of a soldier and the hard choices and dangers that he faces at war.

2nd most emotional moment for me was hearing the guitar intro for Coming Back to Life from Pink Floyd’s The Division Bell. This was one of the first solos I ever learned, and one that I played out to start my early journey as a musician.

Of course, I got to hear the pinnacle of music for me, Comfortably Numb, my favorite piece of recorded music of all time.

I feel changed in the way I expected from this concert, motivated, and grateful, and you can’t give that any less than 5 stars, so my concert review is 5 out of 5 stars.

Here you can listen via spotify to studio versions of the songs:


Sean A Benjamin


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Hypnotized first started appearing in my set lists around 2007 and would, in that year, be the title track of an underground acoustic EP which I’d self release containing

1. Hypnotized

2. Crossed the Line

3. Great

4. Open Up

5. Do You?

6. Chain Reaction

and next appeared as the lead single for my debut studio produced album, I Exist. It was this song that producer Dru Boogie, heard me play live on The Opie and Anthony Show on SiriusXM radio that made him want to reach out and work with me. I remember getting the myspace message from him on my Helio phone while in a Starbucks in Soho. I could barely contain my excitement.

The song was recorded at Central 8 / Amber Wolf studios in Akron, Ohio and Dru’s parts were done in his studio in Lodi, NJ. After we completed that song and 3 others from the full length, we decided to release a 4 song EP called “4play” which also featured Sky Dive, Should I and Chain Reaction. Next we decided to shoot a music video. So, I found myself driving back out to New York City and crashing with Dru while we got this done. Dru rented a studio in Brooklyn for the indoor shots, an elite camera, a stylist and makeup artist and 2 model/actresses, the outdoor shots were done in Riverside Park in Harlem, and in a park and a pipe-yard in New Jersey. Dru’s vision for the video was a cat and mouse game with the girl being the mouse. In reality, the song is about something different, which I will expound upon later.


The real story behind the song is not as fun. My first year of college, I met a girl who would become the topic of many of my songs as she started to steal my attention from my efforts to win back my high school sweetheart who was off at another college. This new one, would come over almost every night, drive us out to the woods, and take me around her hometown. It was exciting, but also meaningful to me, and I thought to her as well, until one night when she confessed that she already had a boyfriend.

Was he out of state? Or at a different school? Nope, he was 2 or 3 dorms down from me. She said she knew she wanted to be with me and not him, but she didn’t want to hurt him. But, she would do it after spring break, when she and him returned from meeting his family.

If you guessed that she didn’t break up with him, you guessed right. And I faded away, until I returned after that summer.

She once again pursued hanging out and in the course of less that 6 hours said, “I love you”, “I don’t want to date you” and other things made me feel like the night was going well . This is where my line comes from “I love you, I hate you, I didn’t want to even date you”

Related Songs: If You Weren’t So Mean, Lately, For Me, Mea Culpa


When recording the track, we decided it would be cool to feature a harder rock version as well. Both versions made the album cut.


Hypnotized on Apple Music


Girl you came
and then you went
you took your flight
and I was left

left me high
and i was dry
and i needed some
a little bit of closure would have helped

but the best thing you said
when you got out of bed
i love you
i hate you
i didnt want to even date you

you left the messages you want me to hear
i threw tape out
and opened a beer

and then a phone call
from a number unknown
saying pick me up
’cause i want to come home

I dont care anymore
you had me hypnotized
but im awake now
I dont care anymore
you had me hypnotized
but im awake now

you didnt care about the things you said
the scares and damages
all forgotten

you might be good but that dont mean your best
what makes you think you have another shot and

when youre down on the floor
askin me am i sure
i can’t help feeling just a little conflicted

but i said no more
even though I’m your —-
and i did something that you never predicted

I dont care anymore
you had me hypnotized
but im awake now
I dont care anymore
you had me hypnotized
but im awake now

Thinking bout the things we used to do at night
baby when alone oh no
Then I call and you pick up and treat me like you
got no time for me now

But you still come over dressed up for me
and its so wrong
oh no
maybe next time I should tell you
so long

I dont care anymore
you had me hypnotized
but im awake now
I dont care anymore
you had me hypnotized
but im awake now


Going to See David Gilmour in Chicago!

Dream Set List: David Gilmour

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When it comes to musical heroes, and favorite bands ever Pink Floyd is at the top, and specifically the vocal style and songwriting of David Gilmour. While I will never be the type of guitarist he is, his vocals are what inspired me to find my deeper airy voice. Plus, I did actually learn a few Gilmour solos, i.e. from Lost For Words, Wish You Were Here, Coming Back to Life and Money, and the first solo from Comfortably Numb (My undisputed favorite song in the history of recorded music).

Last year, when Gilmour released “Rattle That Lock”, he announced that he would be touring in North America. Now, I know he’s only hitting a few cities, the biggest cities on our continent. Cleveland, would have been nice, and let me tell you something Cleveland-doubters, it’s an amazingly underrated city that you should only be so lucky to live in, but I knew he wouldn’t be playing in my hometown.

But he’s playing close enough. So I bought my ticket to the Chicago show, and even though, I know the band he is playing with already has the set list all locked up. This is what my “dream set list” would be. So listen and enjoy one of my biggest heroes, David Gilmour.



Dream Set List: David Gilmour on Apple Music

And here is a cover I did of Pink Floyd’s Louder than Words back in November of 2014 when their last album The Endless River came out.

Acoustic Cover of Pink Floyd – Louder than WordsHere is a cover of Pink Floyd’s Louder than Words that I did around the time that their last album The Endless River came out in November of 2014.

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